From Inside Henry J

What a life, if this is life at all – to be honest I’d rather not be bothered with it as I can see there is nothing after and the sooner I can reach that nothing the better.  One’s life starts slow and builds speed uphill until a point where vigour and desire begin to ebb and after that there is nothing left but to slide downhill into infirmity and death.

I am Edward, a steam punk – a child of the Victorians and early Edwardians who is really out of place in the 21st century. My language is too English and too well educated, my adoration of women is unappreciated and I have far too well refined a sense of right, wrong and personal responsibility so if you believe that the State owes you a life then I suggest you leave now.  The concept of Political Correctness is a disease of the mind, and society, to me and I see positive vetting for what it truly is……Tokenism!

Who is Edward? A lunatic – I know this because my doctors tell me I am but to be honest that is only their opinion and the general opinion of society, other people say that wishing for death isn’t normal but it’s perfectly normal to me.  The others are the sane ones or so society tells them because they fit in with what is regarded as normal which, in this context, is simply another word for average.  Think on you normal people, it pleases me to consider what demons may be holding their revels in the repressed minds of the sane!  They merely wait for the door to unlock or open a chink and they will burst forth to show us all what fun they bring.

I have no value either to myself or any around me (as I see it) and I have done so many things in my life already that there isn’t much left that I would like to do.  Repeating things just gets boring so one day I will simply load up my dueller and end my pain the way a gentleman should.

Who is Henry J? If you are asking that then your education is sadly lacking, he is the outer shell of decency that is seen by his friends and family and which conceals me – his real self – the duelling, sword wielding, flower buying, woman loving creature inside.

Where is this blog going? Back into the past to tell the story of a modern rake, Hogarth revisited for the 21st century with all the cautionary tales in place………



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